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Timpte Service Work:



The St. Marys and Dayton service departments have done an excelent job of jumping into the ring of semi trailer repairs and conversions. We are equiped and ready to handle anything hopper, from replacing tarps, converting from manual trap and tarp systems to electric or hydraulic systems, rebuilding traps, replacing side panels, langing gear and much more. Please call for quotes and schedule availability. 



Thunderstone Tarp Arm


Timpte Grain Hopper Wheel       




Timpte has allowed our service departments to dig deeper into the commodity trucking world, from regular wear and tear replacements to rebuilding full components and systems. Our teams are excited to be helping keep commercvial drivers safe on the road with our reliable service, all in a timely fashion. We are frequently in touch with our Rodoc store up in Delphos, OH; who are very involved in diesel engine repairs and rebuilds, semi truck and trailer repairs, and even school bus maintenance.  





Axle / Suspension Rebuilds: 


Trailer suspensions and axle components are the number one wear points for all trailers and towing vehicles. Preventative maintenance should include inspecting and/or replacing the following:

bushings, shackle straps, u-bolts, places and hangers, equalizers, leaf springs (ask about upgrading), bearings, hubs, brake backers, and axle spindles. 


bent trailer axle        trailer brakes                  leaf spring


*Axles and specialty brakes / hubs are ordered in on an as needed basis. For pricing and availability, please contact the service and parts counters at each store*

**Please refer to the 'axle measurement guide' to help us accurately find what you need**




 Electrical & Wiring Components:



Always make sure marker lights, turn signals and brake lights are in working order for your safetey and for others on the road. Tandam axle trailers are required to have a break away switch and battery as a last measure security feature when the trailer exceeds a 3,000 lb. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (G.V.W.R.) and has brakes. 


Trailer Wiring          


Frame & Body Work:


We can service all you body work needs for trailers like replacing fenders, jacks, side panels, decking, ramp gates, tires/wheels, tarps, and much more. For whatever issue you're having, we will be sure to do our best to get you taken care of the right way. 





Trailer Fabrication / Accessories


Midway Trailers is commited to getting our customers back on the road safely, keeping their equipment ready for whatever work is required. Let us know what we can do for you!



Preventative Maintenance 

    1. Wheel and Tire Combos: 
      1. Tires can be an easy-to-spot wear item to keep in mind for routine maintenance. Check for tread depth and balding, waprs and broken betls, and dry rotting to make sure that your tires are up to date and safe for the road. 
    2. Bearing repacks are an effective way to make fully inspect and change out small items that could have a big impact on towing safety. Since the hubs fully removed, this allows for easier access to inspect, brakes, drums, sprindles, and even some suspension components such as leaf srpings, shackles straps, etc. 
      1. A key indicator that a trailer should have the bearings inspected, repacked, or replaced is if the trailer tire rocks back and forth when pushed on. Any wiggle room in the hub allows for more wear and tear on the bearings and races, potentially allowing grooves to form on the axle spindle if not addressed correctly. 
    3. Grease Points:
      1. Most trailers will have multiple grease points for moving components. Lighter utility, car hauler, or enclosed trailers will typically have just a few grease points for ramp doors, toolbox hinges, jacks, and other gate / door openings. 
      2. Heavier dump trailers, powertail deckovers, or tilting equipment trailers will have larger cylinders that will require a more thorough inspection and greasing process to ensure that the main moving components are operating as they should be. 
    4. Our two store locations offer a full DOT inspection for any commercial vehicle or trailer. Here we can quote out any small or large repair that may be recommended or required to keep everything up-to-date and road worthy. 
















Parts & Service:

Our staff and qualified technicians provide an array of services for trailers of all sizes.  From annual maintenance to major overhauls our service shop has the experience to get you back on the road quickly.

Along with trailers, we carry the best snowplows in the business.  We’ll get you ready for the snow season with a pre-season inspection and keep you plowing during the storm with our in stock parts and quick service.



Parts Showroom:

Our showroom stocks a large selection of trailer running gear for most utility, horse/livestock, equipment, enclosed, and recreational trailers.  Through our network of vendors we can order any hard to find parts or accessories for a quick delivery.

We also stock parts and plows from BOSS Snowplows.  This helps you to keep plowing during the harshest storms.

Trailer Parts:

  • Bearings
  • Hub/Drums
  • Lights
  • Springs
  • Couplers
  • Jacks
  • Backers
  • Brake Shoes
  • Weight Distribution Kits
  • Sway Bar Kits
  • Fenders
  • Wheels/Tires